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Campus Violence Prevention & Education
Trainings for departments and workgroups are offered by members of the Threat Assessment & Management Team. Sessions offer strategies and skills for dealing with disruptive and angry individuals, an understanding of warning signs, why an attitude of confidence and respect is important, and practical ways to reduce interpersonal tensions. Please contact any member of the Threat Assessment & Management Team.

Trainings for departments or groups are also available through the University of Arizona Police Department, including security assessments, active shooter presentations, and office safety and crime-prevention training. A police officer will discuss preventative strategies, your department lay-out, campus resources, and how to interact with aggressive individuals. Please contact UAPD at 621-8273 for more information.

Online Request Form
The University of Arizona Threat Assessment and Management Team engages in a wide variety of outreach and education activities. If you would like team representatives to come to your department and speak about campus and workplace violence and the work of the team, use this on-line request form. We will reply promptly and schedule a session at your earliest convenience.

Disruptive and Threatening Student Behavior: Guidelines for Faculty and Staff
This very helpful guide for faculty and staff employees supports your ability to determine whether you are dealing with disruptive student behavior or threatening student behavior, and to report and respond appropriate to either.

Workplace Violence Prevention and Education Guide
This brochure offers ready access to information you can use in the event you encounter a distressed colleague or student, or observe or experience a threat or threatening behavior. The UA Workplace Violence (WPV) Prevention & Education Guide offers information about what WPV looks like, how to report it, what to do if you feel you are being threatened, and about the UA Threat Assessment and Management (TAM) Team.

A Community Approach to Recognizing & Intervening with Threatening Behaviors
UA Presentation, May 23, 2013.

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