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Threat assessment in a higher education setting represents a unique set of challenges that require the merging of elements from the behavioral sciences, student affairs behavioral intervention, law and law enforcement, risk management, and human resources. Members of the University of Arizona’s multidisciplinary Threat Assessment and Management (TAM) Team work together to guide the actions of managers and administrators in responding to threatening situations on our campus.

In applying the threat assessment process, the TAM Team confronts and responds to reported threats and threatening behavior in an organized fashion. The team can focus on a variety of behaviors, actions, and/or statements that create intimidation and emotional distress in others, whether intended or not, with a goal of identifying and managing risk. The team reviews the behavior of students, employees or other persons who have raised concern and may be at risk of harming themselves or others, or who pose a significant disruption to the learning, living or working environment. It is the team’s responsibility to evaluate the concerns reported to it, assess the likelihood that an individual may cause harm or pose a significant disruption, develop strategies for reducing the risk and managing the case going forward, implement those strategies, and then monitor and follow-up to ensure that the strategies and plans have been effective.

The threat assessment and management process, where possible, attempts to help people, not punish them. The TAM Team encourages early reporting to permit the development of a case management plan that permits early and benevolent-resolution.