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Threat Assessment in a higher education setting represents unique challenges that require merging elements from behavioral sciences, student affairs behavioral intervention, law, and law enforcement, risk management and human resources. Members of the University of Arizona’s multi-disciplinary Threat Assessment and Management Team (TAMT) work together to guide the actions of managers and administrators in responding to threatening situations at all University of Arizona work and learning environments across Arizona and the world.

In applying the threat assessment process, the TAMT responds to reported threats and threatening behavior in a structured manner. The team reviews the behavior of students, employees or other people who have raised concern and may pose a threat to the learning, living or working environment. The team evaluates and assesses information on a reported threat and develops strategies for reducing risk and promoting safety.

The threat assessment and management process, where possible, attempts to help people, not punish them. The TAM Team encourages early reporting to permit the development of a case management plan that permits early and benevolent-resolution.

Threatening Behavior is:

Any statement, communication, conduct or gesture directed toward any member of the University community or others that causes a reasonable apprehension of physical harm to a person or property is considered threatening behavior.

Each person responds differently to the behaviors of others. Encounters with individuals that leave you frightened and in fear for your personal safety should be taken very seriously. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact a member of the TAMT.

If the threat is immediate, Dial 911 for police response and assistance.

Examples of Threatening Behavior:

• Direct or implied threats of violence
• Challenges to fight
• Shoving
• Physical attacks
• Stalking
• Threatening phone calls, emails, or other correspondence