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Threat Assessment & Management Team

Working to promote a safe community

Everyone at the University of Arizona has a role to play in preventing campus violence. Quick reporting of troublesome behaviors, escalating conflicts and potentially violent situations is a critical part of the process.

Threat assessment is analysis and proactive response. It is not punishment or discipline.

Effective threat assessment is challenging and can involve elements from behavioral sciences, student affairs, legal counsel, law enforcement, risk management and human resources. Members of the University of Arizona's multi-disciplinary Threat Assessment and Management Team (TAMT) work together in evaluating and responding to threatening or potentially violent situations. The TAMT depends on the campus community for early reporting of any concerning behavior.


TAMT is available to provide assistance to students, parents, employees and community members with threatening or disruptive behavior.
We encourage you to make use of all the resources the university offers to support its students and employees in creating a safe environment.
TAMTS multi-disciplinary team has the expertise to consider and address all aspects of a given situation - allowing the team to act quickly and effectively.

What is threatening behavior?

Any statement, communication, conduct or gesture directed toward any member of the campus community or others which causes reasonable apprehension, or fear of physical harm. The threat can be towards people or property.

If you have an encounter with someone that leaves you frightened or in fear for your personal safety, it should be taken very seriously. If you have questions or concerns, please contact any member of the Threat Assessment and Management Team. If you feel you are in imminent danger, never hesitate to call 9-1-1.

Examples of Threatening Behavior:

• Direct or implied threats of violence
• Challenges to fight
• Shoving
• Physical attacks
• Stalking
• Threatening phone calls, emails, or other correspondence 


Campus Violence Prevention & Education

If you would like team representatives to come to your department and speak about prevention of violence on campus and the work of the team, use this online request form




Resources and Tools 

Disruptive and Threatening Student Behavior: Guidelines for Faculty and Staff 

This very helpful guide for faculty and staff employees supports your ability to determine whether you are dealing with disruptive student behavior or threatening student behavior, and to report and respond appropriately to either.

Workplace Violence Prevention and Education Guide 

This brochure offers ready access to information you can use in the event you encounter a distressed colleague or student, or observe or experience a threat or threatening behavior. The UA Workplace Violence (WPV) Prevention & Education Guide offers information about what WPV looks like, how to report it, what to do if you feel you are being threatened, and about the UA Threat Assessment and Management (TAMT) Team.

What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation (video)




External Resources 


Who We Are

The University of Arizona's Threat Assessment and Management Team (TAMT) utilizes a multi-disciplinary group of trained employees and contractors. The TAMT works to determine if an individual poses or could potentially pose a threat of violence to others. Keeping our campus safe and secure means that all individuals on our campus are free from threatening or violent behavior - staff, faulty, students, vendors, volunteers and visitors. The use of a multi-disciplinary team means that we have the expertise to consider and address all aspects of a given situation - allowing the team to act quickly and effectively.


Chrissy Lieberman
Associate Dean Of Students

Darci Thompson
Director, Organizational Health and Employee WellBeing - Life & Work Connections

Chanté Martin
Director, HR UAHS Phoenix Biomedical Campus

Mary Beth Tucker
Assistant Vice President, Equity Compliance

Jason Brei
Assistant Chief, UAPD

Juan Alvarez
Lieutenant, UAPD

Please contact the Threat Assessment and Management Team to report an incident or to obtain information about workplace violence.